Recently voted in Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2014 - top 10 cities, Adelaide is a destination 'on the rise'.

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Message from the Chair of CEFPI Australasia

Dear Colleagues,
2014 looks to be an exciting year. It seems that the dramas of the GFC period are abating and a new government has new agendas to pursue, particularly in the education space.This brings with it both challenges and opportunities.
I invite you to join with your colleagues in Adelaide at our 14th Regional conference to contribute to what's next in the Australasian Education building experience.

It will be 8 years since our last conference in South Australia, and those of you who were there last time will remember how enjoyable and informative that event was. Those South Australians are such a quirky bunch! With fringes, and food carts and vineyards galore SA always brings its own signature to our annual conference. After the 2013 Auckland conference tested us to think about "Disruption" in education, let alone the natural environment, Adelaide is here to test our thinking once again, this time with 3 concurrent themes, including a novel and new approach to site visits and social events.

Our venue of the Adelaide oval in its newly configured form promises to be a fabulous meeting place for both education and social interaction, as does the beautiful gardens and city beyond. Having attended the last 12 conferences, I can recommend to members of CEFPI and any recent converts, these conferences get better each time we have them. The connections, knowledge and friendships experienced by regulars just keep surprising us.

Please join us either for a first foray into CEFPI or to continue what I hope is a productive and enjoyable investigation of the latest in the planning and design of Australasian schools.

Howzat! (sorry, I just had to do that)

Mark Trotter
CEFPI Australasia


This page last updated: Monday 11 November 2013