Inside Out - Everything is Learning

The overarching focus of this sub-theme is the complexity of communities, the nature of relationships within communities and the development of sustainable relationships.

Inside Out explores the ‘team around the child’ approach in diverse communities to support each child’s strengths and foster resilience. Using Carla Rinaldi’s stance that each child is born immensely capable, this strand investigates how this in enacted in a range of learning contexts and environments across the birth to Year 12 journey. Participants in site visits will be invited to engage with a range of prompts, provocations and case studies that contemplate the notion of the flourishing child, and the synergies that are achieved through the interrelationships between learning, space and environment - and how each shapes the other. 

The strands of this sub-theme are:

IN1 and IN4 Flourishing Communities

IN2 Spaces Without Walls

IN3 and IN6 Tailored Learning Environments

IN5 Constructing Active Spaces

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