Tailored Learning Environments – Every Child Learns Differently

Every child is special; every child learns differently; every child deserves respect.

We urge you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to view and compare two contemporary schools for students with special needs. At each school presentations by Principal and Architect will delve into the pedagogical and design philosophy, with provocations about how we can continue to improve our service to the highest needs children and how we can apply these concepts across all learning environments.

Our Lady of La Vang School
Our Lady of La Vang, which opened in 2013, is a school for students with varying capabilities. "We educate students in and for life in respectful and supportive ways. The work we do is firmly based in all the fundamental values so necessary for us all to live a good life" (Our Lady of La Vang prospectus). The whole school environment is designed to allow every child to flourish and is integral to every child's learning program. Individual learning plans are critical for the development of these children.

The 'classrooms' merge though transition areas to the external spaces; play space and learning space are undifferentiated. The whole school is a learning environment and boundaries in space and time are blurred as staff work with students. There many aspects of this approach and design that can be applied to any school if we are committed to supporting all students to reach their potential.

Errington Special School
Errington Special School opens at the new William Light R -12 site in early 2014 and replaces a former stand-alone special school. The co-located schools are intended to provide extended and shared facilities for the benefit of all students and staff on the site.

The co-location of the school supports one of the school's key aims. "Students at Errington have a range of opportunities to grow and develop whilst having strong support networks surrounding them. Through a diverse range of educational programs and experiences they are encouraged and supported to be participating member of the community."  www.sa.gov.au/school/1415

This page last updated: Tuesday 13 May 2014