Joined Up - Relationships

The overarching focus for this sub-theme is the relationship between pedagogy and space.

An interactive workshop exploring how the physical environment can respond to the rapidly changing needs of learners and their communities and to demonstrate how space can help achieve desired learning outcomes and qualities.

The workshop aims to give participants an introduction to acquiring the knowledge, skills and dispositions required to methodically lead the design, occupation and use of learning spaces in schools, from an evidence-based, pedagogical and learner – centred perspective.

The workshop will explore possible interventions on a smaller scale (within a ‘classroom’) that can help better align space to the educational imperatives.

Two participation options will be provided:

The first option allows participants to submit their own ‘problem space’ well in advance of the conference dates, and a blended learning approach will be taken to start working on the project, in preparation for the workshop.

The second option allows delegates to select a project from option one submissions on which they will focus their active participation during the workshop.

Following an introduction to the projects, a workshop introduction will offer information on resources and case studies, with plenty of opportunities for discussion. Participants will be divided into 2+ synchronous groups and will use the same range of furniture, fittings and technology to recreate 2+ agreed solutions to the same scenario. We will then swap spaces to see each other’s results and discuss the process and lessons learnt.

The strands of this sub-theme are:

JO1 and JO4 - Space Makeover

JO2 and JO5 - The Chicken or the Egg - Does Space Define Pedagogy or Pedagogy Define Space?

JO3 and JO6 - Rethinking the Library



Space Make-Over 11.00am – 12.00pm

(Coordinator: Ana Sala-OviedoAdelaide Oval

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