Space Make-Over

Coordinator: Ana Sala-Oviedo

An interactive workshop exploring how the physical environment can respond to the rapidly changing needs of learners and their communities and to demonstrate how space can help achieve desired learning outcomes and qualities.

The workshop aims to give participants an introduction to acquiring the knowledge, skills and dispositions required to methodically lead the design, occupation and use of learning spaces in schools, from an evidence-based, pedagogical and learner – centred perspective.

The workshop will explore possible interventions on a smaller scale (within a ‘classroom’) that can help better align space to the educational imperatives.

Two participation options will be provided:

The first option allows participants to submit their own ‘problem space’ well in advance of the conference dates, and a blended learning approach will be taken to start working on the project, in preparation for the workshop.

The second option allows delegates to select a project from option one submissions on which they will focus their active participation during the workshop.

Following an introduction to the projects, a workshop introduction will offer information on resources and case studies, with plenty of opportunities for discussion. Participants will be divided into 2+ synchronous groups and will use the same range of furniture, fittings and technology to recreate 2+ agreed solutions to the same scenario. We will then swap spaces to see each other’s results and discuss the process and lessons learnt.

The University of Adelaide – Hub Central &The University of Adelaide – Nexus 10 Hub

Today’s universities operate in an environment where students increasingly have the capacity to pursue their studies anywhere and anytime. While this responds to a great number of ‘net gen’ learning traits, it does not necessarily foster the development of the critical interpersonal skills required for the collaborative and social nature of the contemporary workplace.

At the University of Adelaide, two new learning hub facilities create attractive environments for informal and collaborative learning, each with a different focus. Hub Central is the central hub for the University.

Students from all disciplines mix in the range of innovative and accessible learning spaces, linked to the central Library.

In some areas, students can access a range of spaces, furniture and mobile technology to create their own settings depending on their needs. This level of customisation is due to the fact that the range of students expected in the Hub is enormous, as it caters for all the disciplines that the University offers.

The 10 Pulteney Street Hub focuses on the specific needs of the Faculty of the Professions. These needs include first year student retention and the accommodation of postgraduate students, offering a range of open access and swipe card access environments. In this case, due to the fact that students share most of their curriculum, the needs for the students are better defined, and the opportunities for informal learning are more related to the range of interconnecting spaces and how this variety is able to offer enough flexibility to cover these particular cohort’s needs. Even so, the basement level also offers areas for customisation and free arrangement of furniture and technology for specific needs

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