Mayfield Project 2014

Four state-based teams of young and 'young at heart' educators and designers of human space have undertaken field research, observations and design testing related to the conference themes.

Each team formed in May 2013 is led by a state-based facilitator under a national coordinator. The teams will present their work and release a publication of the material including a history of the Mayfield Project.

Team WA for the INSIDE OUT theme will examine 'Everything is Learning'. The Case Study is Fremantle as a Neighbourhood of Learning. This will be presented by Dani Martin.

Team NSW for the JOINED UP theme will examine 'Relationships' in the context of contemporary learning. They are keen to find solutions and methods to overcome obstacles. This will be presented by Felicity Lewis.

Team VIC/NZ for the INSIDE OUT theme and 'Everything is Learning' will examine the functionality of schools and cities through 'Porosity'. This will be presented by Dr Ben Cleveland.

Team SA for the JOINED UP theme will examine 'Relationships' in particular spatial literacy. Does the environment in which we learn impact on how we learn? This will be presented by Peter Moeck.

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