What you need to know about the conference


INSIDE-OUT / UPSIDE-DOWN and JOINED-UP encourages us to explore non-conventional thinking and non-traditional actions.

It starts with the understanding that children are citizens from birth and that they can be co-constructors of their learning in a supportive learning community, of which the traditional school environment is only one part. It challenges us to consider inverting power structures in education and facility planning. Since 2003 a Thinkers in Residence program has brought diverse expertise to Adelaide to generate new thinking and provoke change on a wide range of issues. A significant number of these 'thinkers' have addressed health, well-being, education and early childhood issues. Professor Carla Rinaldi, an international author, researcher, consultant and speaker particularly in the Reggio Emilia approach to education, was one of the most recent residencies in 2012. The influence of Professor Rinaldi's residency has been felt across all education sectors and already there have been new research projects and prototype facilities developed.

The Conference has taken up the provocations presented by these 'thinkers' to examine our beliefs about children, their learning and their well-being and further to challenge our ideas about the appropriate structures, organisation and environments for education and care.

The conference is constructed as a learning event where we will be challenged with provocations on Monday and Tuesday mornings from which we can explore our individual and collective responses in interactive discussion sessions and on the site visits.

There will be three sub-themes running through the conference, which give the opportunity to follow through a particular strand. The site visits have been chosen to allow further exploration and discussion of the conversations. Delegates are encouraged to continue with a particular sub-theme over the course of each day to get the most benefit from the structure.

Most Monday parallel sessions and site visits will be repeated on Tuesday, allowing delegates to follow different strands of the sub-theme or to mix and match between sub-themes across the conference as desired.

Keynote Presentations
Presentations at the beginning of Monday and Tuesday will challenge us with provocations to explore over the course of the day in the subsequent parallel sessions and on the site visits.

The fringe takes its cues from traditional festival fringes providing exposure to a range of short presentations, story-telling, music and fun stuff showcasing success stories and experiences; also including student involvement.

Site Visits
Site visits generally will be more than a walk around the latest educational buildings. They are designed to provide practical examples of the ideas being explored and as a stimulus to continue the conversations and learning. Please note that site visits depart at varying times. Please ensure that you are clear of the departure times of the site visits in your chosen strands.

On Monday and Tuesday there will be a "Whistle Stop Tour" for those who prefer to have a brief overview of a range of new and redeveloped learning facilities.

CEFPI Awards
This year we will celebrate the Regional Awards Program in new ways.

On Sunday, at the opening event of the conference, we invite the public to join delegates in a People's Choice event where we showcase a specially selected group of our 2014 award entries to live audience and ask them to choose a People's Choice winner for 2014. That will add some extra zest to the conversation at the Meet and Greet buffet dinner afterwards.

On Monday evening, the Awards Jury will present the results of their judging in all the awards categories at a cocktail event at the National Wine Centre.
During the conference the Fringe will also include opportunities to get the low down on Awards entries on a one to one basis.

And of course winners, losers, fans, critics and innocent bystanders will have the opportunity to let their hair down together at "Mad March in May" on Tuesday night.

This page last updated: Tuesday 13 May 2014