Ana Sala-Oviedo and Emma Marshall

Educational Planners with New Learning Environments / Rubida Research


Ana is an architect and Emma is an educator, both working as educational planners with New Learning Environments | Rubida Research. Both share a passion about learning and education.

Their principal drive is to improve learning experiences and outcomes for all through the creation of new learning environments, which requires us to continually question what ‘learning’ means in the 21st century and what are the key factors that will influence the success for each institution’s learning aspirations.

With experience in both the architectural design of educational institutions and educational theory Ana and Emma have been able to fa
cilitate meaningful dialogue between the learning community and design professionals.

Acting as a change agents, Ana and Emma have used research and evidence-based design principles to engage with whole organisational change in which the success of new campuses, new spaces, new curriculum, new delivery methods and new use of technology all rely on an associated cultural change. A recent focus has been equipping the learning community with the tools and vocabulary to achieve this independently by training principals, aspiring leaders and teachers to align their spaces to their strategic, cultural and educational aspirations with the use of space, furniture and technology among other things.

Ana, a member of the CEFPI SA Chapter, is currently undertaking her PhD through Melbourne University as part of the 2013 - 2016
ARC Linkage Project E21LE – Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments. Her focus is on ‘Evaluation of Learning Environments to Determine their Effectiveness in Supporting Contemporary Practice for the Development of 21st Century Skills.’ This research allows her to strongly link her practice with the theories that underpin it.