Dr Julia Atkin

Education and Learning Consultant, Learning by Design, Harden, NSW

Joined-up Curator

Julia’s professional work focuses on transforming all facets of education from the industrial era to the knowledge era and the learning demands and opportunities of 21C. This shift involves more than building a ‘faster caterpillar’ – it demands careful redesign of all aspects of education - pedagogy, curriculum, learning spaces, resource provision and the place of education in building both local and global collaborative communities. Julia’s work with educational leaders, teachers, and students has earned her many education awards including the Sir Harold Wyndham Medal-2000 and being named by The Bulletinas one of Australia’s Smart 100 – a list of one hundred people, ten in ten fields, making a difference to Australian society through innovation. In recent years she has been involved, with Hayball and Gray Puksand architects, in the collaborative design of many award winning educational facilities and has contributed to OECD work on effective learning environments.