Pam Ronan

Principal, St Francis de Sales College, Mt Barker, SA

Pam is currently Principal of St Francis de Sales College, an R-12 Catholic College at Mount Barker, in the Adelaide Hills, and also a member of the SACE Board of South Australia. With over 35 years of working in the school, TAFE and University sectors in South Australia, Pam is also a recipient of the Mary MacKillop Medal from the Australian College of Education for outstanding contributions to rural education. Pam has a keen interest in how communities shape the vision, strategies and relationships that enable young people and families to flourish, and be sustained by their community.

Inside-out Curator

Pam will explore how re-imagining learning in virtual and actual environments needs to have the student at the centre. This theme will provoke some of the significant challenges for creating learning spaces that can be re-contextualised for different audiences, purposes and contexts. The Inside-Out theme explores approaches to spatial thinking and educational imaginings that use themed spaces, differentiated by portable collages of internal and external settings, furnishings and décor. We will investigate the inter-relationships between formal and informal use of spaces, and how these can have a positive effect on education, well-being and community development.