Professor Martin Westwell

Strategic Professor in the Scienc e of Learning, Flinders University, SA

The Science of Learning: How Neuroscience Might (and might not) Provide Insights into Learning

View Martin's presentation herehttp://ow.ly/wZ82f

Martin is Flinders University's Strategic Professor in the Science of Learning and inaugural Director of the Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century. He is a Chief Investigator in the national Science of Learning Research Centre (an ARC Special Research Initiative) that began work in 2013.

After completing his degree and PhD at Cambridge University, Martin moved to Oxford University as a Research Fellow in biological chemistry. A winding career path returned him to Oxford University in 2005 as the Deputy Director of the Institute for the Future of the Mind. Martin has won a number of awards for engaging non-scientists with science including, in 1999, being named by The Times newspaper as the Scientist of the New Century.

Neuroscience and the cognitive sciences continue to provide insights into learning processes and how characteristics of the environment influence the ways in which young people think, learn and behave. Unfortunately, misunderstanding and over-interpretation has led to a range of prevalent "neuromyths" that still influence education design and implementation. What really makes for an effective learner and effective learning and what can we do to support both? What are the key ideas from today's science of learning and how might they inform our decision-making?

View Martin's presentation here: http://ow.ly/wZ82f